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 Complesal® improves the nutrition of your plant

Penetration of nutrients into the leaf is a complex process. The selection of nutrient composition and raw materials is important to guarantee high performance. Only fully water-soluble nutrients can access the plant quickly. A full set of well-balanced additives helps improve nutrient absorption, condition the spray mix and reduce losses through wash off.

Complesal® Professional

Formulation: 10-10-10 + Micro
Talent: Flagship all-round product with well-adjusted nutrient concentrations

Formulation: 10-10-10 + 2Zn + Micro
Talent: All-round product with a focus on zinc demanding crops for high yields

Formulation: 10-10-10 + 2Mn + Micro
Talent: All-rounder with a focus on manganese

Formulation: 6-0-12 + Increased Micro Set
Talent: High­-end micronutrient deficiency preventer with nitrogen and potassium

Formulation: 10-0-0 + 15CaO + 0.8B + Micro
Talent: Taking care of all crops susceptible to calcium deficiency

Complesal® Essential

Formulation: 7-7-7 + Micro
Talent: Standard liquid all-round product with a harmonized set of nutrients

Formulation: 15-5-5 + Micro
Talent: Highest nitrogen content promoting vegetative growth plus micronutrients

Formulation: 5-15-5 + Micro
Talent: Maximum phosphorus content plus micronutrients

Formulation: 5-5-15 + Micro
Talent: High level of potassium plus micronutrients

Formulation: Zn + Increased Micro Set
Talent: Balanced micronutrient supply with extra benefit from high zinc

Formulation: 12CaO + 0.3B
Talent: Calcium-boron product for enhanced flowering and harvest quality

Complesal® pack sizes Professional & Essential

Complesal® offers you a complete range of foliar fertilizers to improve your plant nutrition.

These carefully developed products help you overcome nutrient deficiencies and improve plant health.

Package size:

Bottle: 1 l

Canister: 5 l, 10 l, 20 l