Complesal® Vitalizer pro

Complesal® Professional Vitalizer pro

Complesal® Vitalizer pro is a foliar fertilizer suspension with high amounts in micronutrients and additionally contains nitrogen and potassium. As Vitalizer pro has the highest contents in micronutrients of the Complesal® pro suspension range, it eliminates deficiencies of those nutrients to defeat harvest losses in regions with low nutrient contents in the soil. Due to the harmonized composition Complesal® Vitalizer pro enables deficiency symptoms and ensures yield increases and highest quality of the crops. The integrated Complesal® pro additives provide highest efficiency for the nutrient uptake into the plant.

High­end micronutrient deficiency preventer with nitrogen and potassium

Key Crops

Pome fruit



Nutrient contents% w/wg/l
Total nitrogenN687.6
All nutrients are fully water-soluble and the cationic micronutrients (copper, iron, manganese and zinc) are fully chelated by EDTA.
Product Properties:
· Density: 1.46 g/cm³
· pH value: 6.8
· Color: blue/green
  • High set of micronutrients plus nitrogen and potassium
  • Applicable in all crops for multiple purposes
  • Maximum of nutrients available for the plant
  • Large and homogenous wetting area on the leaf
  • Fast nutrient absorption
  • Strengthening of the natural plant defense system
  • Durability against rain
  • High quality chelation technology for optimal plant ­availability ­and supply
  • Excellent formulation technology ensures simple product use
  • Joint application with pesticides
Type of CropApplication TimeApplication Rate
Cotton1st applications two times before flowering
2nd applications two times 2 weeks after flowering
2 l/ha
2 l/ha
Corn1-2 x at 2 - 6 leaf stage1 l/ha
Citrus1st applications two times before flowering
2nd applications two times 2 weeks after flowering
2 l/ha
2 l/ha
Cereals1st treatment at stem elongation
2nd application at ear emergence
1-2.5 l/ha
Beans, Soybeans1st application before flowering
2nd application 2 weeks later
1-2 l/ha
Sugar Beets2 x between 4-leaf stage and crop-cover2 l/ha
Sunflower1st application 3 - 4 weeks after sowing
2nd application 1 week before flowering
2-3 l/ha
Potatoes1-2 x post-blossom period1 l/ha
Mango1st application one week before flowering
2nd application one week after flowering
3 l/ha
3 l/ha
Melons, Cucumber3-4 x during crop development2 l/ha
Vegetables3-4* x during the vegetation perio1 l/ha
Viticulture2-3 x fruit setting until beginning of maturity1 l/ha
Fruit Trees12-3* x periods of drought in early summer
4-5* x mid summer
2-3* x post-harvest period
1 l/ha
1 l/ha
0.5 l/ha
* The product should be applied in minimum intervals of 8-10 days.
1) Due to possible sensitivities of single varieties - e.g. plums - please test the variety’s sensitivity before application

Additives for increased efficiency

Anti Drift

Reduces spray loss of the spray mixture under windy conditions

Ramp Technology

Higher nutrient absorption in a shorter period of time

IPM Enhancer

Plant availabe ingredients optimize the efficiency and improve the effect of pesticides


Lasting adhesive for better uptake ensuring the durability against external factors