The new face of foliar fertilization

The new face of foliar fertilization

Complesal® – The new face of foliar fertilization

If you are looking for state-of-the-art foliar fertilizers, then look no further – we offer Innovation and Competence on foliar fertilizers for all crops around the world – concentrated in one brand. With constant improvements and adaptions Complesal® focusses on farmers needs and increases yield and harvest quality with latest nutrient solutions. Boost your business with Complesal®!

Complesal® foliar fertilization to meet increasing challenges

Today’s farmers have to deal with a variety of challenges such as decreasing nutrient supplies in soils and increasing unpredictable weather conditions. Yet at the same time, commercial pressure requires them to ensure higher yields, better quality crops and predictable results.

Complesal® Product range

One brand – two product lines

High-tech suspensions – Complesal® Professional

The high-tech formulations of the Complesal® Professional range are characterized by an extremely high nutrient concentration. The containing nutrient properties ensure fast-acting absorption rates and powerful plant nutrition. Further all products in this range are fortified with a complete set of additives.

Liquid formulations – Complesal® Essential

The NPK formulations and special configurations with macronutrients and micronutrients in the Complesal® Essential liquid formulation range contains plant-focused and fully plant-available nutrient ratios. Moreover the products are enriched with a unique seaweed extract to reduce stress and help your plants to recover.

Keeping a close eye on plant nutrition – and crop yields

Complesal® for optimal plant nutrition

Become a partner of Complesal®

If you are looking for branded premium foliar fertilizers Complesal® is the brand of choice. Explore the possibilities of foliar fertilization and benefit from the state of the art additives and solutions that Complesal® offers.

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