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Complesal® Active

Biostimulant formulations including nutrients

Introducing new level farming

Now you get all necessary biostimulant and nutrient ingredients in one product - Complesal® Active. It helps you to safe time and is worry-free regarding incompatibilities of your tank mix.

Combining world’s most efficient organic extracts – amino acids and seaweed extract

Complesal® Active products incorporate higher concentrations of both naturally sourced organic acids and seaweed extracts. Additionally, they are highly fortified with different nutrient combinations for a broad range of crops and different timings for application.

Complesal® Active is the ideal support as effective biostimulation for plants that suffer from stressful periods such as transplanting, periods of drought and frost as well as attacks by fungi and predators.

Suitable for organic farming

Following one of agriculture’s biggest trends, Complesal® Active products contain well-chosen ingredients which allow their usability in organic farming. Take advantage of all-round products that join the forces of organic and mineral sources for different regional requirements.

Any product missing?

Encourage us and your local supplier to develop products which are needed for the demand of your plants and the special conditions in your country or region. We want to stay close to the farmer and introduce products which are really needed.

Additives for increased efficiency

Amino acid

Highly active organic
compounds that stimulate and strengthen the crop to acclimate to critical situations.


The set of seaweed extracts effects a good and stable growth even under stress conditions (heat, drought, salinity, water stress and cold) due to the biostimulating effect of natural plant ingredients from four different algae species. As a result the plant remains stable and strong.


External factors such as rain can cause the spray film to wash off. The new Folistick technology not only ensures a good coverage of the leaf area but also provides a higher durability against external factors such as rain. Complesal® Folistick guarantees a lasting adhesion to the foliage and increases the uptake of nutrients and active ingredients of added pesticides.

IPM Enhancer

Plant health needs to be seen as a whole. Apart from the use of pesticides, feeding the plants is one of the most important factors in enhancing the resistance against pathogens such as insects and fungi. The ingredients in Complesal®  are being chosen very carefully to ensure that all nutrients are perfectly available to the plants and help crops to utilize the applied spray mix.

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