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Complesal®– foliar fertilization

Improved results through foliar fertilization

Yield increases are needed to offset the expected global population growth and loss of agricultural areas. As a complement to soil fertilization, foliar fertilization is an essential part of modern crop nutrition and one of today’s leading agricultural trends.

Foliar absorption

Leaves have the ability to use transcuticular pores and stomata on their upper and lower surfaces. Scientific experiments prove that plant surfaces are permeable to foliar fertilizers.

Benefits of foliar fertilization

  • Foliar fertilization is the most direct and efficient form of application for nutrients.
  • The nutrients and their uptake do not interfere with the soil system and can be fully utilized.
  • Foliar nutrient uptake is not affected by drought, waterlogging, soil compaction or adverse pH conditions.
  • During maximum growth or stress periods, foliar ­fertilization provides additional nutrients.