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Complesal® Essential Energy

Complesal® Energy is a liquid foliar fertilizer with a balanced content in macronutrients plus an all-round set in micronutrients. This perfectly balanced nutrient content makes it multifunctional for any agricultural crop. Complesal® Energy significantly increases yield and quality of the crops and efficiently supplies nutrients during stress conditions.

 Standard liquid all-round product with a harmonized set of nutrients 

Key Crops





Nutrient ContentsAdvantagesRate of use
Nutrient contents % w/wg/l
Total nitrogenN784.7

All nutrients are fully water-soluble and the cationic micronutrients (copper, iron, manganese and zinc) are fully chelated by EDTA.

Product Properties:

  • Density: 1.16 g/cm³
  • pH value: 7.0
  • Color: blue
  • Complete set of macro- and micronutrients
  • Full set of Complesal® Essential Additives: Micro Focus, NPK Focus, Seaweed, Folistick
  • Easy handling due to an excellent formulation technology
  • Perfect nutritional set for all kinds of crops
  • Including biostimulants based on seaweed
  • Fast nutrient absorption
  • Applicable in all crops for multiple purpose
  • Maximum of nutrients available for the plant
  • Stimulating and strengthening of the natural plant defense system
  • Durability against rain
  • Excellent formulation technology ensures simple product use
  • Joint application with pesticides
  • Quick distribution in the tank water
Type of CropApplication TimeApplication Rate
Top fruitgeneral recommendation for foliar nutrition and post-blossom spray in conjunction with
pesticide treatments: approx. 6 - 7 sprays
0.2-0.3 %

alone or in conjunction with pesticide treatments, as soil and foliar nutrition

  • watering, sprinkling or spraying
  • atomizing
0.1-0.2 %
0.4 %
Potatoesstart at tuber initiation
(repeat at 14-day intervals)
5-10 l/ha
Aubergines, Cucumbers,
Peppers, Tomatoes
6 applications: 1. and 2. before flowering, 3. - 6. after flowering, intervals between applications
should be 2 weeks throughout
5 l/ha
Bananasat least 5 applications4-5 l/ha
Beans, peas4 applications:
• 1. before flowering; 2. - 4. after flowering at 14-day intervals
5 l/ha
Brassicas, lettuce4 applications:
• 1. after planting out; 2. - 4. at 10-day intervals
0.1-0.2 %
Carrots6 applications at 14-day intervals5 l/ha
Cerealsin conjunction with pesticide treatments5-10 l/ha
Citrus6 applications:
• 1. in winter
• 2. before the blossoms open
• 3. after petal fall
• 4. - 6. at 4-week intervals
5 l/ha
Coffee6 applications:
• 1. before flowering
• 2. - 6. after flowering at 3-week intervals
• young plants weekly 2 - 3 applications
• after planting out weekly 2 or 3 applications
Cotton5 applications:
• 1. and 2. with the 1. and 2. insecticide sprays; 3. - 5. during boll formation at 14-day intervals
5 l/ha
Maize4 applications:
• 1. when the plants are 15 - 25 cm high; 2. - 4. at 14-day intervals
5-10 l/ha
Mango3 applications:
• 1. shortly before bloom
• 2. 2-4 x at intervals of one week after bloomin
5 l/ha
Papayaspray 0,5% solution at least once a month when the crop is 4 months old5 l/ha
Pineapples5 applications:
• 1. shortly before blossom; 2. - 5. post-blossom at 20-day intervals
5 l/ha
Ricein the seed before planting out at least 2 applications under field conditions, at least 5 applications0.4% (4-5 l/ha)
Soybeansseveral applications: 1. after first flowering, then every 14 days, however 3 applications at least5 l/ha
Strawberriesweekly applications: 1. after planting out0.1-0.2%
Tea6 applications: 1. when the leaf buds form, 2. - 6. at 3-week intervals5 l/ha
Sugarcane1 - 2 applications at a growth height of 25 - 35 cm8 l/ha
Tobaccoseveral applications: 1. at the 4 - 5-leaf-stage, 2. application and all following in 3-week intervals5 l/ha
Overview ProductsData sheet (PDF Energy 2MB)

Additives for increased efficiency


The set of seaweed extracts effects a good and stable growth even under stress conditions (heat, drought, salinity, water stress and cold) due to the biostimulating effect of natural plant ingredients from four different algae species. As a result the plant remains stable and strong.


External factors such as rain can cause wash off of the spay film. The new Folistick technology ensures a higher durability against external factors such as rain. Complesal® Folistick guarantees a lasting adhesive on the foliage to increase the uptake of nutrients and active ingredients of the added pesticides.