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Lettuce can be very sensitive to foliar fertilization. This is mainly positive as foliar fertilization results in acute aid supplying nutrients responsible for high quality maintenance. While the trade requests highest quality standards, efficient and visible foliar fertilization is needed. In contrast to many other crops, the whole plant is being sold and support for optimal visual results is most important.

Key nutrients:

Calcium in general is not applied via soil as it is poorly mobile, and deficiencies can be seen very late especially in lettuce. It is hardly measurable if Calcium, as one of the most important quality defining nutrients, is available in a sufficient amount. Most prominently deficiencies can be seen in dark and wavy young leaves. The so-called tip-burn develops first on leaf-margins or tips and results in grey and brown lesions. An application of foliar fertilizer might already be too late to apply. Also note: A Boron deficiency might look very similar.

Nitrogen is the most important nutrient for vegetative growth and leading to a healthy and fresh green color. Under N deprived conditions light green chlorosis can be seen on older leaves. Without foliar fertilization the whole head turns light and yellow green. Also, the growth is reduced. Magnesium, Sulfur and Manganese deficiencies might look very similar depending on the variety.

Potassium improves plant resistance to damage, drought and frost as well as many quality parameters like the formation of starch and vitamin C and the decrease of reducing sugars. Potassium deficiency starts with chlorotic spots on the leaf tips and ends in necrotic deformed leaves. Head formations is strongly reduced. This deficiency can be confused with high salt concentrations.

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