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Active Stim

Complesal® Active Stim

Complesal® Active Stim is a unique mixture of amino acids and seaweed extract and is therefore the universal choice for 
fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants suffering under physiological stress.

Stress reducer and quality enhancer for your valuable crops

Key Crops





Nutrient ContentsAdvantagesRate of use
Nutrient contents % w/wg/l
Total NitrogenN7.18.27
Organic NitrogenNorg6.57.57
Ammoniacal NitrogenNmin0.60.7

All nutrients are fully water-soluble.

Product Properties:

  • Density: 1.16 g/cm³
  • pH value: 7.1
  • Color: brown
  • high content of amino acids plus seaweed extract to support plant 
    growth under stress conditions 
  • optimal plant availability 
  • excellent amino acid and active substance penetration
  • natural sticking and wetting effect for higher product and pesticide efficiency
  • durability against rain 
  • excellent stabilization by formulation technology ensures simple product use 
  • joint application with pesticides 
  • suitable for organic farming
Type of CropApplication TimeApplication Rate
Pome fruitgreen bud 
pre-blossom / balloon stage 
start of flowering 
2 l/ha 
3 l/ha 
3 l/ha 
5 l/ha
Stone fruitstart of flowering and during petal fall, 
after first fruit fall
3 – 5 l/ha 
5 l/ha
Sweet cherries4 treatments in total 
yellowing of fruits 
red coloring
3 l/ha
Plums/ prunes4 treatments in total: Scharka treatment (plum pox virus) 
petal fall and at 30 day-intervals
5 – 10 l/ha 
Mangostart of flowering, fruit set, early cell enlargement5 l/ha
Bananashortly before, shortly after appearance of the inflorescence, at the initial fruit filling stages5 l/ha
Pineappleone week before flowering, at flowering, after fruit setting5 l/ha
Strawberries4 treatements after planting in joint application with botrytis sprays3 l/ha
Vegetables2 – 3 weeks after planting or emergence resp. repeat at fortnight intervals3 – 5 l/ha
Viticulture4 treatments in total before and after bloom3 – 5 l/ha
Nurseriesaccording to actual demand - propagation of cuttings0.25 % – 0.30 %
soon before and soon after inflorescence emergence and during fruit development0.20 % – 0.25 %
Sugarbeetsin joint application with post emergence herbicides2 – 3 l/ha
Potatoesin joint application with post emergence herbicides2 – 3 l/ha
Cerealsin joint application with fungicides2 – 3 l/ha
Application at 20 – 30 day intervals or according to demand of the crop. It is generally recommended to apply the product at start of vegetative growth in order to promote root development. At the same time, root absorption of nutrient elements is promoted. 
Fruit trees 6 – 8 l/ha 
Vegetable crops 8 – 10 l/ha 
Strawberries 8 – 10 l/ ha 
Ornamentals 90 – 100 ml/100 m2 
Rinse well the fertigated plant with clear water after application!
Overview ProductsData sheet (PDF Active Stim 1MB)

Additives for increased efficiency

Amino acid

Highly active organic
compounds that stimulate and strengthen the crop to acclimate to critical situations.


The set of seaweed extracts effects a good and stable growth even under stress conditions (heat, drought, salinity, water stress and cold) due to the biostimulating effect of natural plant ingredients from four different algae species. As a result the plant remains stable and strong.

IPM Enhancer

Plant health needs to be seen as a whole. Apart from the use of pesticides, feeding the plants is one of the most important factors in enhancing the resistance against pathogens such as insects and fungi. The ingredients in Complesal® are being chosen very carefully to ensure that all nutrients are perfectly available to the plants and help crops to utilize the applied spray mix.


External factors such as rain can cause wash off of the spay film. The new Folistick technology ensures a higher durability against external factors such as rain. Complesal® Folistick guarantees a lasting adhesive on the foliage to increase the uptake of nutrients and active ingredients of the added pesticides.

Complesal® Active Product range