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Recommendation for pulses


Pulses have a powerful root system and good nutrient incorporation ability. With a systematic application of foliar fertilizers (especially micronutrients), a high yield and quality potential can be achieved. Nitrogen-fixation also is a matter, which is strongly influenced by an adequate and balanced supply of all other nutrients. With an efficient inoculation, no additional nitrogen fertilizer is necessary.

Key nutrients:

Potassium is essential for the support of rhizobia and flowering. Other impacts can be seen in root growth, photosynthesis, carbohydrate supply, translocation, protein formation and nodule formation. Improved Potassiumupply is commonly associated with improved protein content in pulse grains, Nitrogen-fixation and water use efficiency. Reduced pest and disease infestation as well as improved yield and quality characteristics are results of an optimal Potassium supply.

Sulphur is important to increase the protein content as it is active in the conversion of inorganic nitrogen to protein. Besides being a catalyst in the production of chlorophyll, it promotes the formation of root nodules in legumes. Moreover it stimulates the root growth and seed production. Upon Sulphur deficiency, Sulphur is remobilized less efficiently than nitrogen, resulting in chlorosis of young leaves.

Adequate Manganese is critical, as it facilitates the photolysis (light splitting) of water molecules and provides energy for photosynthesis affecting leaf quality and resistibility. Manganese shows a relatively low phloem mobility in plants. As a result, typical leaf symptoms of Manganese deficiency first develop in younger leaves. Manganese deficiency initially results in pale mottled leaves, followed by typical interveinal chlorosis.

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