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Complesal® Essential

Liquid formulations for instant stress reduction

High-tech liquid formulations

Complesal® Essential contains balanced and plant-oriented nutrient ratios. The fast-acting formulations support rapid nutrient uptake for maximum efficacy resulting in instant response and stress reduction. They provide an optimal macronutrient supply and a full set of trace elements for a wide range of crops.

Complesal® Essential includes the Folistick technology as well as marine seaweed, leading to good and stable growth even under conditions of stress.

Complesal® Essential special formulations provide an ideal composition of micronutrients for any plant.

Complesal® Essential NPK formulations provide a scientifically substantiated ratio of nitrogen sources and an ideal composition of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K).

Enriched with seaweed for improved plant health

Complesal® Essential liquid formulations benefit from the support of seaweed extracts. Algae are proven to stimulate plant health, especially during periods of stress (e.g. drought) and flowering due to the containing phytohormones and vitamins. The unique combination of the agronomically most effective seaweeds enhances biotic and abiotic stress resistance, thus ensuring healthier and stronger plants.

Key benefits

  • Higher disease and stress resistance
  • Better nutrient uptake and translocation
  • Longer shelf-life and better coloration of produced goods
  • Improved frost hardiness

Additional additives of Complesal® Essential


  • Liquid formulations benefit from the support of seaweed extracts
  • Algae is proven to stimulate plant health, especially during periods of stress conditions
  • Seaweed extracts enhance biotic / abiotic stress resistance
  • E.g. containing hormones in algae stimulate better fruit set and coloring
  • Plants remain healthier and stronger


  • Increases spray film durability against external factors (e.g. rain)
  • Reduces the risk of the product being washed off
  • Ensures higher absorption rate of nutrients as well as active ingredients of added pesticides

Micro Focus

  • Micronutrient ratio supports macro setup efficacy
  • Provides plants with a balanced trace element composition
  • Cation fraction (Fe, Cu, Mn, Zn) is fully EDTA-chelated and plant-available

NPK Focus

  • Best offering of nutrients being needed the most by the plant
  • Ideal macronutrient ratio for multi-purpose plant nutrition
  • Optimized N sources with a focus on a completely harmonized NPK ratio