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Complesal® Professional

Suspension formulations with added value

High-tech suspension formulations

Complesal® Professional is a high-tech foliar fertilizer with special formulations and balanced plant-oriented nutrient ratios. The fast-acting formulations support rapid nutrient uptake for maximum efficacy resulting in instant response and stress reduction.

Cutting-edge additives

Additives play an important role in compensating the effects of adverse weather conditions (heat, rain). Furthermore, additives also reduce the amount of drift, improve the uptake of nutrients, and enhance pest management.

Highly concentrated – Complesal® Professional suspension fertilizers

All Complesal® suspension fertilizers provide highest concentration of nutrients. Due to their lower water content, farmers benefit from lower amounts and volume needed. Furthermore the environment benefits from less packing material use per liter and a reduced amount of energy needed for transport.

  • Economizing best practice measures of plant protection
  • Proven benefits – serving as acute aid and good farming practice for high yields

Additives for increased efficiency

Anti Drift

During spraying operations spray drift can be a major problem which farmers want to avoid. Drifts onto neighboring fields, hedges and gardens can cause serious damage to plants, humans and animals. Furthermore, drift also has a negative economic effect, as the active ingre- dients only partly reach the intended target – the plants. Complesal® Anti Drift tech greatly reduces the negative effects of drift.


External factors such as rain can cause the spray film to wash off. The new Folistick technology not only ensures a good coverage of the leaf area but also provides a higher durability against external factors such as rain. Complesal® Folistick guarantees a lasting adhesion to the foliage and increases the uptake of nutrients and active ingredients of added pesticides.

Ramp Technology

In comparison to other foliar fertilizers, Complesal® brings its own ramp to launch the yield rocket. The unique formulation helps the plant to absorb even more nutrients in a shorter period of time. Plants can therefore grow faster, and the loss of nutrients is being reduced.

IPM Enhancer

Plant health needs to be seen as a whole. Apart from the use of pesticides, feeding the plants is one of the most important factors in enhancing the resistance against pathogens such as insects and fungi. The ingredients in Complesal® are being chosen very carefully to ensure that all nutrients are perfectly available to the plants and help crops to utilize the applied spray mix.