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Complesal® Drip

Unique fertigation products with special benefits

Solution-oriented products for high value crops and critical conditions

Soils for special crops under drip-irrigation need to be highly productive. Often high productivity leads to negative side-effects for the soil. Most of the area under irrigation is in very aridic regions where soil life is limited anyway. Problems such as salt accumulation, lack of organic substance and soil compaction weaken soil organisms and the natural plant defence system. Additionally the quality of the water used in agriculture is difficult to handle as water for direct human consumption is rare anyway. Residues forming blockage of the drip nozzles in calcareous soils can become a major problem. Complesal® Drip products tackle these restrictions of easy farming and serve as fertilizer, soil conditioner and tube cleaner all-in-one. The products offer adequate amounts of secondary and trace elements to sufficiently supply quality enhancing nutrients to your valuable crops.


Trouble finding the perfect product?

Encourage us and your local supplier to develop products which are needed for the demand of your plants and the special conditions in your country or region. We want to stay close to the farmer and introduce products which are really needed.

Additives for increased efficiency


Actively supporting the cleaning of drip tubes


Reviving fixed nutrients and soil conditioning based on organic compounds

Salt off!

Desalinating agent improves resistance in contaminated soils and deactivates sodium

IPM Enhancer

Plant availabe ingredients optimize the efficiency and improve the effect of pesticides

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