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The focus of crop nutrition and quality of cereals varies a lot between the different species. On the one hand farmers want to produce a good quality in wheat while on the other hand the main aim in (feed) barley production is to gain high yields. Each nutrient plays a role in main-taining a sufficient result while some are extraordinarily essential for high quality and yield.

Key nutrients:

The most important nutrient for cereals is Nitrogen. An optimal supply is the key to a good vegetative growth and all processes in connection with growth. Nitrogen is required in high amounts as it is also part of chlorophyll, photosynthesis and other syntheses. It is especially important in cereals for the production of protein. Deficiencies lead to reduced tillering and pale green leaves.

While the other macronutrients Phosphorus and Potassium are very important too, Sulphur needs to be focused more intense as it is a quality supporter. Sulphur is particularly suitable for foliar application as it is exposed to leaching under wet conditions and poorly mobile under dry conditions. Foliar applied sulfate is directly plant available. Moreover, there is a joint plant uptake of Nitrogen and Sulphur while Sulphur is required for nitrate reduction and thus for Nitrogen efficiency. As a result, Sulphur also improves protein content as well as protein quality and composition and thus baking quality.

Manganese deficiency leads to yield losses. Manganese is needed for photosynthesis, nitrate reduction, cell protection, lignin synthesis, frost and disease resistance. Foliar application is most efficient because soil applied Manganese is poorly available, especially under conditions of high pH, drought and high organic matter content. A seed treatment with Manganese covers the early demand of the seedling.

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