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Complesal® – brand philosophy

Complesal® – The new face of foliar fertilization

If your are looking for state-of-the-art foliar fertilizers, then look no further – we offer Innovation and Competence on foliar fertilizers for all crops around the world, concentrated in one brand. With constant improvements and adaptions Complesal® focusses on farmers needs and increases yield and harvest quality with latest nutrient solutions. Boost your business with Complesal® !


Complesal® Competence

Complesal® stands for decades of expertise in foliar fertilization with special formulations and balanced plant-oriented nutrient ratios – perfectly adapted to each crop.

Complesal® Innovation

As the result of consistent research Complesal® offers the latest additives to improve the uptake of nutrients and contribute to a changing environment.

Complesal® Internationality

Complesal® is used around the world. Different ecosystems and climatic conditions require different and precise solutions.

Complesal® Product range

High-tech suspensions – Complesal® Professional

The high-tech formulations of the Complesal® Professional range are characterized by an extremely high nutrient concentration. The containing nutrient properties ensure fast-acting absorption rates and powerful plant nutrition. Further all products in this range are fortified with a complete set of additives.

Liquid formulations – Complesal® Essential

The NPK formulations and special configurations with macronutrients and micronutrients in the Complesal® Essential liquid formulation range contains plant-focused and fully plant-available nutrient ratios. Moreover the products are enriched with a unique seaweed extract to reduce stress and help your plants to recover.1 

1) not in Complesal® Shield

Biostimulants – Complesal® Active

Products in the Complesal® Active line incorporate higher concentrations of both naturally sourced organic acids and seaweed extracts. Additionally, they are highly fortified with different nutrient combinations for a broad range of crops and different timings for application.


Complesal® is looking for partners!

If you are looking for branded premium foliar fertilizers Complesal® is the brand of choice. Focussing on farmers needs by offering effective and innovative solutions is our passion – become a part of our brand and get in touch with us for more information and how you can participate with Complesal®.