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Complesal® Essential FocusP

Complesal® FocusP is a foliar fertilizer with a high content in phosphorus and additionally contains nitrogen and potassium plus an all-round set in micro-nutrients. Its nutrient composition is especially adapted to top fruit, potatoes, viticulture and many other agricultural crops. Due to the harmonized composition, Complesal® FocusP significantly increases yield and quality of the crops and efficiently supplies nutrients during stress conditions.

Maximum phosphorus content plus micronutrients 

Key Crops


Pome fruit



Nutrient ContentsAdvantagesRate of use
Nutrient contents % w/wg/l
Total nitrogenN562.5

All nutrients are fully water-soluble and the cationic micronutrients (copper, iron, manganese and zinc) are fully chelated by EDTA.

Product Properties:

  • Density: 1.25 g/cm³
  • pH value: 6.8
  • Color: blue
  • Full set of Complesal® Essential Additives: Micro Focus, NPK Focus, Seaweed, Folistick
  • Perfect nutritional set for all kinds of crops
  • Including biostimulants based on seaweed
  • Fast nutrient absorption
  • Applicable in all crops for multiple purposes
  • Adjusting the pH to the neutral point
  • Maximum of nutrients available for the plant
  • Stimulating and strengthening of the natural plant defense system
  • Durability against rain
  • Excellent formulation technology ensures simple product use
  • Joint application with pesticides
  • Quick distribution in the tank water
Type of CropApplication TimeApplication Rate
Fruit trees3 - 4 applications from pre-blossom stage to walnut size of the fruit
4 - 5 applications from the beginning of summer
3 l/ha
Maize1 - 2 applications during the stage of early growth4 l/ha
Viticulture2 - 3 applications before and after bloom2 l/ha
Vegetables3 - 4 applications during the vegetation period4 l/ha
Cotton2 applications before flowering2-4 l/ha
Cereals2 applications at main tillering and stem elongation
(first node at least 1 cm above tillering node)
5-10 l/ha
Potatoes3 applications starting 2 weeks after emergence and repeating twice in 14-day intervals

tuber treatment
5-7 l/ha

5-6 l/ha
or 8% solution
Overview ProductsDATA SHEET (PDF FOCUSP 2MB)

Additives for increased efficiency


The set of seaweed extracts effects a good and stable growth even under stress conditions (heat, drought, salinity, water stress and cold) due to the biostimulating effect of natural plant ingredients from four different algae species. As a result the plant remains stable and strong.


External factors such as rain can cause wash off of the spay film. The new Folistick technology ensures a higher durability against external factors such as rain. Complesal® Folistick guarantees a lasting adhesive on the foliage to increase the uptake of nutrients and active ingredients of the added pesticides.