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Complesal® SupremeK pro

Complesal® Professional SupremeK pro

Complesal® SupremeK pro is a highly concentrated potassium foliar fertilizer for the supplementary nutrition of plants in order to improve the quality of fruits, vegetables and grapes such as fruit size, sugar content, aroma, fruit surface color or brix values in grapes. Low supply to fruits does often occur in light and heavy, K-fixating soils as well during dry conditions. Due to its micronutrient content it is suitable to prevent and eliminate deficiencies. The particular nutrient relationship has a stabilizing effect on plant health.

Universal potassium mixture energizing plant nutrition

Key Crops


Pome fruit



Nutrient ContentsAdvantagesRate of use
Nutrient contents % w/wg/l
Total nitrogenN3.150

All nutrients are fully water-soluble and the cationic micronutrients (copper, iron, manganese and zinc) are fully chelated by EDTA.

Product Properties:

  • Density: 1.64 g/cm³
  • pH value: 7
  • Color: blue
  • Extremely high potassium content improves inner and outer quality of specialty crops with high K-requirements
  • Particularly indicated for sandy and K-fixating soils as well as during dry spells
  • Improves disease resistance
  • Improves resistance of flowers to frost
  • Large and homogenous wetting area on the leaf
  • Fast nutrient absorption
  • Optimal wetting and rainfastness
  • High quality chelation technology for optimal plant ­availability ­and supply
  • Excellent formulation technology ensures simple product use
  • Joint application with pesticides
Type of CropApplication TimeApplication Rate
Grapes3 × between berry closure and beginning of ripening for improved brix values5 l/ha
Apples, Pears1st before flowering (1 – 2 ×)
2nd midseason until 1 week before harvest (3 – 4 ×)
do not use in cultivars sensitive to bitter pit
3-5 l/ha
Strawberries3 – 4 applications with fungicide treatments3-5 l/ha
Olives2 – 3 applications during fruit maturation5 l/ha
Cottonstart after begin of flowering
repeat 2 – 3 × every two weeks (improved cotton quality)
5 l/ha
Sugar beets3 × between 4-leaf stage and crop cover2-4 l/ha
Potatoes3 × during the vegetation period until bud formation3-5 l/ha
Vegetablesduring the vegetation period3 – 4 × 5 l/ha
Bananasduring fruit development2 – 3 × 5 l/ha
Soybeanduring the vegetation period3 – 4 × 5 l/ha
Overview ProductsData sheet (PDF SupremeKpro 1MB)

Additives for increased efficiency

Anti Drift

Reduces spray loss of the spray mixture under windy conditions

Ramp Technology

Higher nutrient absorption in a shorter period of time

IPM Enhancer

Plant availabe ingredients optimize the efficiency and improve the effect of pesticides


Lasting adhesive for better uptake ensuring the durability against external factors