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Foliar fertilization to meet increasing challenges

Today’s farmers have to deal with a variety of challenges such as decreasing nutrient supplies in soils and increasing unpredictable weather conditions. Yet at the same time, commercial pressure requires them to ensure higher yields, better quality crops and predictable results.

State-of-the-art foliar fertilizers like Complesal® play a decisive role in helping farmers to meet these challenges. Optimal formulations help to react precisely to stress symptoms, and innovative brand additives ensure the best performance directly where it is needed. Thanks to their well-balanced formulations, high-tech products like Complesal® are able to quickly compensate temporary nutrient deficiencies and adverse weather condi­tions to increase crop yields and improve quality.

Foliar fertilization compensates temporary nutrient deficiencies

Acute aid

  • Quick reaction to visual symptoms or leaf analysis
  • Rapid plant response to offset deficiencies
  • Compensation of adverse weather conditions
Total care

  • Increased crop yields
  • Improved crop quality
  • Enhanced drought tolerance
  • Advanced and preventive stress reduction

Complesal® range of products

Complesal® Professional

Powerful formulation with added value

Complesal® Essential 

Optimal fluid nutrient supply with instant stress reduction